Veteran cornerback Josh Norman must have a bone to pick with Redskins fans, as he put them on blast even after a big road win.

Norman was key in Sunday’s 16-3 win over the Bucs, coming up with an interception in the end zone on Tampa Bay’s opening drive to set the tone.

He was asked about the Redskins’ struggles on the road this season, and for some reason, he teed off on the fans. Norman said Redskins fans boo too much, and he also said they “really don’t care” all that much.

Norman’s comments came out of left field, but he’s not completely out of line here. The Redskins’ attendance at FedEx Field has been awful this year, even with the team having been in first place through most of the season. And anyone who’s attended a sporting event in Washington D.C. knows that the fans are sometimes more interested in being social, rather than the game at hand.