It must have been like a scene from a movie for one NASCAR fan when they awoke Monday morning to find they were the only one still inside of Charlotte Motor Speedway.

NASCAR’s Coca-Cola 600 hailed from Charlotte Motor Speedway this past Sunday. However, a rain delay extended the length of the race and the checkered flag didn’t wave until early Monday morning. For the majority of fans the late ending meant a long night of traveling, but for one NASCAR fan it meant a quiet night of slumber.

Monday morning NASCAR fan Jody Nash awoke to find that the group she had come to the race with was no longer there. In fact, aside from some of the track workers, Nash was the only person still at the track. Nash spoke to local news channel WBTV about the incident, holding a can of Bud Light in her hands.

Hey, Mom, I’m okay!” I’m still here in Turn 2! Y’all come get me?

WBTV confirmed in their report that Nash was able to find a ride home shortly after she spoke with them. WBTV also reported that Nash said she “fell asleep” during the race and that is what led to her being left behind at the track.

At the risk of venturing out onto the proverbial ledge, I might guess that Nash’s choice of beverage on Monday morning might have contributed to her being left behind at the track the night before. Then again, maybe she just wanted to get to bed early. The good news is that she managed to get home.

One can only wonder what that first conversation was like between her and the group of people that left her behind at the track. NASCAR fans should take a cue from Nash’s tale and always make sure that they leave the track with the same number of people that they arrived at the track with.