The story of Kyle Busch and the aftermath of his outburst at Charlotte continues to have ripples throughout the world of NASCAR. The latest parties to weigh in on the situation are Toyota Racing and Samantha Busch.

It all started with a mic drop after 2015 NASCAR champion Kyle Busch finished second in the Coca-Cola 600. Busch entered the media center in Charlotte still upset about not winning the race, one media question and one disrespectful comment (by Busch) later and Busch was exiting the media center nearly as fast as he arrived. Since walking out of the media center, several NASCAR fans have condemned Busch for his most recent outburst while two drivers have also chimed in on the situation.

NASCAR’s most popular driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. came to the defense of Busch, will still poking a little bit of fun at him. 2012 NASCAR champion Brad Keselowski took the opposite stance however. Keselowski sided with the majority of NASCAR fans who felt that Busch’s actions in Charlotte were disrespectful and not needed.

On Tuesday, Toyota Racing (in the form of Andy Graves, GVP, Technical Director at Toyota Racing Development U.S.A., Inc.) and Samantha Busch took to social media to defend Kyle.

The only unfortunate thing now is that it seems that we have heard from everyone on this matter but the man himself. Aside from the fact that Busch brought this on himself, he also could have lessened the reaction by addressing his actions. Sure, those who disagree with him might have taken an apology or an explanation with a grain of salt, but at least he would have been on record for addressing the situation and then putting it behind him. Instead, others in and around NASCAR are left defending him for what is his latest outburst after not getting the outcome that he desired on the track.

Busch is easily one of, if not the most talented drivers in the Cup Series. At some point one has to hope that his talent on the track will catch up and positively impact his choices off of the track.